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  • Nitu Nayak is associated with ForestAction as a Research Officer. She holds a BSc. in Agriculture from SHIATS, Allahabad, India.  Her areas of interest are in agriculture and social welfare.


    Nayak, N. 2014. Comparative study on shelf life of lactuca sativa and Brassica oleraceae var.capitata inside open room environment, normal water and polythene bag. International Journal of Research (IJR) Volume 1, Issue11, December 2014.

    Nayak, N. 2015.Efficacy of botanicals and hot water treatment on production of pluerotus spp. International Journal of Research (IJR) Volume 2, Issue 07, July 2015.




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  • Annual Report 2015
    This Annual Report gives an overview of our approach, activities and achievements of the year ...


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