Advocacy and Campaign

This year, the 43rd World Food Day was celebrated worldwide with the slogan “Water is life, Water is food”. ForestAction Nepal, the secretariat of the Alliance of Agriculture for Food, in collaboration with Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), the Department of Agriculture, Jilla Prangrarik Sangh, Chitwan, Better Chitwan, Chitwan Kacheheri, and student organizations from AFU and Rampur Agriculture Campus, organized a series of events on October 6, 7, and 8, 2023, to mark this event in Chitwan, Nepal.

The celebration kicked off with a press release to highlight the significance of the event and inform the stakeholders about it. On the following day, a rally was organized, where the participants marched from Pulchwok, Narayanghat, to Chaubiskoti. The rally was attended by farmers, agricultural students, agricultural activists, journalists, and healthcare personnel. The aim of this public event was to raise awareness among the public regarding the problems and challenges faced by farmers, the importance of sustainable farming practices, and the need for a resilient food system. On the same day, a drama entitled Sattapatta was showcased in the auditorium hall of the university in the presence of more than 200 audiences. Sattapatta is the story about the farming, and it gives the audience a message about the impact of the modern farming system that promotes the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on our indigenous and traditional knowledge, technologies, soil, seed, and including human health.

On the third day, a seminar titled “Debate on the Issues of Food and Agriculture” was organized, consisting of four sessions, including the opening and thematic sessions. Policymakers, stakeholders, thematic experts, students, journalists, and farmers were all present at the seminar. Following the seminar, “raithane khadhya sanjh” (a food festival) was organized to celebrate the diversity and richness of our local cuisine, featuring a variety of delicious dishes from the Tharu community.

Study tour of EfD Forest Collaborative participants

Wrapped up a four days’ (20-23 November) study tour of EfD Forest Collaborative participants in Nepal. Participants from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya visited Nepal to explore community forestry practice in Nepal. The study tour involved a mix of discussions with Nepali policymakers, academics, community forestry advocates and members of forest user groups.  The team led by Prof. Randell Bluffstone from Portland State University, visited community forests in Kavre and met with community forest user groups to discuss ways forests are being managed. They mostly observed how community forests in Nepal operate and had meaningful conversations with the people driving this initiative. Likewise, the participants had insightful discussions with members of FECOFUN, forest officials at the Department of Forests and Soil Conservation as well as the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, the Dean of the Institute of Forestry, and researchers.