About us

ForestAction (Forest Resources Studies and Action Team) Nepal, established in 2000, is a learning oriented, not-for-profit, professional organization working in the areas of Forestry, Agriculture and Climate Change. We adopt an interactive approach to policy research and advocacy in collaboration with research community, civil society groups and government agencies to build deliberative and collaborative policy practices. We envision achieving productive, sustainable and equitable natural resource management by blending professional knowledge with citizen power to build pressure for transformative change. Our approach to knowledge dissemination is through our diverse publications.

We have expanded considerably in the scale and diversity of our engagement, publications, partnership base, funding portfolios, and organizational capacity to become a national center of excellence. Moreover, we are regionally well-recognized actors in social research, analysis, and policy processes. ForestAction operates under the guidance of an elected executive board, with inhouse expertise on social sciences, policy analysis and environmental governance.

About us
Our Vision

Environmentally sustainable society, free from poverty and injustice.

Our Mission

Policy, institutional and technical innovations to promote productive, sustainable and equitable management of natural resources.

Our Goal

To influence public policy process and empower forest and natural resource dependent communities particularly the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups in taking control and playing active role in forest and natural resources management and drawing sustained flow of livelihood benefits.

Our Guiding Principles

The three core principles that guide the activities of ForestAction Nepal are:

Deliberative governance – Deliberative governance is an approach for democratic processes in which citizens are allowed to participate in a meaningful dialogue without any coercion and manipulation. The process provides public spaces to all the members for creating and achieving organizational vision, mission and objectives.

Transformative learning – Transformative learning involves a shift in the structure of the basic premises of thoughts, feelings and actions at the organizational level. This is a shift of consciousness that permanently alters one’s way of being in organizational life. It also seeks an alternative approach to be associated to the organization and one’s sense of possibilities for justice and peace.

Collaborative engagement – ForestAction Nepal engages itself with partner organizations nurturing the collaborative culture to plan and implement its program for positive and productive outcome and it values the mutual respect and recognition of contribution made by the partner organizations.