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Photo Exhibition at Dipdole-Etapu Community Forest

ForestAction Nepal under the CALCNR extension project organised a photo exhibition at Dipdole-Etapu community forest on 12th September 2017. Group of youths comprising of five members, female stakeholder from executive committee of community forest (Ms Bhagwati Raut) and active male member of community (Rajkumar Deuja) were selected to capture through cameras the major issues and difficulties associated to the water resources available in the community.

Four stories were developed based on the photos captured by the community people:

• Different areas of the Dipdole-Etapu Community forest

• Water resources available in the community

• Meetings of local stakeholders

• Use of water

A total of 27 participants were present at the photo exhibition representing different walks of lives. Issue of water resource conflict and the need to conserve the water resources was discussed with the local stakeholder and participants. The photo exhibition turned out to be an effective medium to raise awareness among the community people. The participants reflected upon themselves the need to conserve the water resources and the need to construct the water tank among themselves. The participants agreed to construct the water intake and pipe with the assistance received through CALCNR project, using the labour force available in the community and raising funds for the same if necessary.


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