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Workshop on Feminization in Agriculture

A half day workshop entitled "Feminization in Agriculture" was organized at Hotel Greenwich, Lalitpur on 24 December 2017 by ForestAction Nepal and Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC). The main objective of the workshop was to make the policy makers aware about the issues of feminization in agriculture. Women farmers from different districts, representatives from Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, National Planning Council, National Farmer's Commission, National Farmers Group Federation, National Women's Farmers Forum, media persons and other partner organizations participated in the event.

Two presentations were made from ForestAction Nepal. Dr. Krishna Paudel made a presentation about the current scenario of food and agriculture in Nepal and Ms Karishma Gurung presented the findings of the study made on Feminization in Agriculture by the team of ForestAction in different districts of Nepal. Presentation was followed by the discussion. Stakeholders expressed their views and also committed to do their best to raise the issues at policy level.

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