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Workshop on "Rice cultivation in Nepal"

A half day interactive workshop on "Rice Cultivation in Nepal" was organized by Forest Action Nepal on September 30, 2018 at Hotel Greenwich Village, Lalitpur. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss on the issues of rice farming focusing on the hurdles of rice value chain development in Nepal. Representatives from Ministry of Agriculture, NARC, IRRI, farmers' network, media and other stakeholders concerned with agriculture participated in the event. Ms Sarada Thapa from ForestAction gave a presentation on "Rice Value Chain: Where did we Fail?". The highlights of the presentation being the background of the rice cultivation in Nepal, import and export status of rice, production and productivity status, scenario of rice value chain and its challenges and opportunities in Nepal. After the presentation, the floor was opened for the discussion. The major issues raised in the workshop are listed below: 

  • Government should increase investment in research and extension.  
  • Change in food habit of people has led to increased demand of rice in market. 
  • If hybrid variety is the solution, we should develop it in our country rather than bringing it from other countries. But still it very much necessary to conserve and preserve our local rice cultivars. 
  • Fragmentation of land has led to decrease in size of holding which affects mechanization of farm.
  • In order to stop the youth migration, it is much necessary to create an environment where our manpower enjoys being engaged in farming and they do not even think about going abroad.


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