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Biodiversity Assessment of Jalthal Forest

ForestAction Nepal is undertaking forest survey as part of comprehensive biodiversity assessment of Jalthal forest in Jhapa district. The survey is conducted to generate data to facilitate evidence based management of the biodiversity-rich forest. The survey will also serve as baseline data for forest biodiversity monitoring, forest growth and tree carbon storage. Ongoing survey is expected to analyze the spatial correlates of forest biodiversity. The survey is conducted using systematic random sampling method in 100 square meter plots. The forest has been divided in to grids of 500m x 500 m for sampling purpose. Sampling includes capturing floral diversity including ferns and epiphytes, measurement of individual trees and samplings and assessment of plot level disturbances and habitat assessment. The activity is led by Dr Lila Nath Sharma engaging three master students from Tribhuvan University and representatives of respective community forests. The survey is supported by Darwin Initiative UK.

Biodiversity assessment of Jalthal Forest

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