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  • Jailab Rai holds a Masters degree in Anthropology, with specialization in Natural Resources Management. Currently, he is a Ph.D scholar in Anthropology at Tribhuvan University Nepal and is also associated with the Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu as a teaching faculty.

    Mr. Rai is working as a researcher in ForestAction Nepal. His area of interest includes social exclusion and inclusion, issues and knowledge of indigenous peoples, climate change, biodiversity conservation, natural resources governance and policy issues, and community rights on natural resources. He has published a range of articles, books, booklets, and policy briefs in diverse issues. Mr. Rai has also presented papers on different themes and issues in various national and international forums and has more than 10 years of working experience in various research projects including teaching. 


    Books and Booklets

    Rai, J.K. 2015. Climate Change Adaptation in MSFP Working Districts: Lessons from LAPA and CAPA Preparation and Implementation in the Koshi Hill Region. ForestAction Nepal and Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), Kathmandu.

    Rai, J.K., and Chapagain, S.P. 2014. Value Chain Analysis of Forest Products in Koshi Hill Districts of Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Growth. ForestAction Nepal and Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), Kathamndu.

    Rai, J.K. 2012. The Roles of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas [ICCAs] in Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal (in Nepali language). ForestAction Nepal.

    Rai, J.K. 2011. Struggle of National Park Affected Peoples: Efforts for Human Rights, Democracy and Inclusion (Nepali). Community Development Organization (CDO), Kathmandu.

    Rai, J.K. 2011. Democratizing Conservation Areas in Nepal: Identification and Empowering Indigenous Community Conserved Area (Nepali). ForestAction Nepal.

    Rai, J.K. 2010. State Restructuring and Natural Resources Management: An Analysis of Civic Discourses (Nepali). ForestAction Nepal.

    Rai, J.K. 2009. Geographical Distribution of Natural Resources in Nepal: The Dimension of Nepali State Restructuring (Nepali). ForestAction Nepal.


    Rai, J. K., Jha, P., & Shrestha, A. 2014. A Guidebook for Livelihood Improvement of Community Forest Dependent Households (In Nepali language). ForestAction Nepal and Rural Reconstruction Nepal, Kathmandu. 

    Rai, J. K., and Bhandari, K. 2014. Guideline for Improving Governance in Community Forest (in Nepali language). ForestAction Nepal and Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), Kathmandu.

    Book Chapters

    Rai, J. K., Karki, R., and Worthington, R. 2015. Biodiversity and Sustainability in Nepal: A Role for Deliberation? In Mikko, R and Worthington, R. (Eds) Governing Biodiversity through Democratic Deliberation, Rutledge, pp. 87-108.

    Rai, J.K., Chapagain, S.P., and Pathak, A. 2014. The Context and Significance of Value Chain Analysis of Forest Products in Nepal.  In:  Rai  and  Chapagain  (Eds.),  "Value  Chain  Analysis  of Forest  Products  in Koshi  Hill  Districts  of  Nepal:  Challenges  and  Opportunities  for  Economic Growth",  ForestAction  Nepal  and  RRN, Kathmandu, Chapter I, pp. 1-15.

    Rai, J.K., Chapagain, S.P., Pathak, A., 2014. Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges of Value Chain Analysis of Selected Forest Products in Nepal. In: Rai and Chapagain (Eds.), "Value Chain Analysis of Forest Products in Koshi Hill Districts of Nepal:  Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Growth", ForestAction Nepal and RRN, Kathmandu, Chapter XIV, pp. 337-351.

    Research Articles

    Rai, J. K., Khadka, S., and Acharya, S. 2015. Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program's Support in Promoting Forest Based Enterprises: Lessons and Experiences from Koshi Hill Region (in Nepali language), in Hamro Ban Sampada (a Nepali journal), pp. 31-41.

    Rai, J. K. 2012. Shifting Biodiversity Conservation Paradigms and a Promising Alternative in Nepal. In, Dahal, D; Upreti, L, Acharya, B (Eds) “Readings in Anthropology and Sociology of Nepal. Sociological/Anthropological Society of Nepal (ASON), pp. 330-370. 

    Rai, J.K. 2011.Poverty Alleviation Policy and Reality in Nepal: A Synopsis of Cultural Lenses. Society of Anthropology and Sociology of Nepal (SASON), 2: 230-264.

    Rai, J.K. 2010.Global and Local Discourses on Climate Change: A Perspective from the Concept of Embeddedness. Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 4:143-180.

    Rai, J.K. 2009. Socio-Cultural Subjectivities of Landlessness in Nepal: A Case Study of Sarki People from Naubise VDC of Dhading District. Occasional Papers of Sociology and Anthropology, 11:16-37.

    Discussion Papers

    Rai, J. K. and Paudel N. S. 2011. Discourses of Local Governance in Nepal: An Analysisof Legislation, Constitutional Processes and Civil Society Demands. ForestAction Nepal.

    Review and General Articles

    Rai, J. K., Dhungana, K., Rai, U., Rai, I. 2015. Nepali Handmade Paper Prodcution in Koshi Hill Region (in Nepali language). Hamro Ban Sampada (a Nepali journal), pp 53-71.

    Rai, J. K. 2011. Promising Alternatives for Sustaiable Management of Conservation Areas in Nepal). Special Issues on Conservation (Nepali). Hamro Ban Sampada, 9 (1), 40-49. ForestAction Nepal

    Rai, J.K. 2010. REDD and Concerns of Indigenous People (Nepali). Hamro Ban Sampada, 8(2):98-106. ForestAction Nepal.

    Rai, J.K. 2010. Discourses of Natural Resources in Constitution Assembly (Nepali). Prakritik Sampada, 6(9):13-15

    Rai, J.K. 2009. The Issues of Natural Resources Management in the Constituent Assembly and State Restructuring (Nepali). Sahabhagita, NEPAN, 41:9-12.

    Rai, J.K. 2008.Caste System, Dalits and their Marginalization in Nepal. Participation: A Nepalese Journal of Participatory Development, NIPAN, 10 (10): 25-28.

    Policy Briefs

    Rai, J.K., and Paudel K. P. 2010. Community Rights on Natural Resources in New Constitution (Nepali). ForestAction Nepal.

    Ojha, H.R., and Rai, J.K. 2010. Federalism or Local Democracy? (In Nepali). ForestAction Nepal

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