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  • Yuba Raj Subedi is associated with ForestAction as a researcher. He has a Masters degree in Ecology and the Environment from Linköping University, Sweden and received his Bachelors in Agriculture from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Nepal.

    Mr. Subedi is currently involved in the research works on sustainable agriculture and food security. Besides his current involvement, his research interest lies in the field of Agro-eology, Agro-forestry and Agricultural Land Use Management. He is also interested to examine the ecological approach to interlink farm and forest to improve farmer's livelihoods and food sovereignty.




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    Paudel, K.P., Subedi, Y.R., Tamang, S. 2015. Rebuilding Farm-forestry Interface: An Opportunity to Address Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Nepal. Paper accepted for the proceeding of XIV World Forestry Congress, Durban, South Africa.

    Subedi, Y.R. and Adhikari , B. 2015 . Agroforestry for Food Security and Climate-Smart Agriculture: Review (in nepali language). Journal Manuscript Accepted by Hamro Ban Sampada

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    Research Reports

    Subedi, Y. R., Bhandari, K., Thapa, R.K.2015. Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Food Security with Respect to Agriculture and Livestock production in Siraha Distict of Nepal. Research Report. Shrijana Community Development Centre and Care-Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Paudel,K. P., Subedi, Y.R., Tamang,S.,Acharaya,U.2014. Research Report on Drivers and Dynamics of Under-Utilised Lands (UUL) in the middle Hills of Nepal. EnLiFT, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Amatya S M, Pandit BH, Nuberg I, Cedamon DE, Subedi, Y.R. 2013. Best Bet Agroforestry Systems of Kavre and Lamjung Districts of Nepal. ACIAR Project (ACIAR FST/2011/076), Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Paudel, K.P., Subedi, Y.R., Tamang,S. 2013. Research Site Selection Report. Enhancing Livelihoods and Food Security from Agroforestry and Community Forestry in Nepal (EnLiFT), Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Subedi, Y. R. 2013. VDC level Agriculture Development Planning, Dhakabang, Arghakhanchi (in Nepali language). Research report, ForestAction Nepal.

    Policy Briefs

    Dahal, D., Subedi, Y. R., Bhandari, K., and Thapa, S. 2013.Investment of 15 Percentage of VDC Budget in Agriculture: Opportunity and Challenges (in Nepali language). Policy brief (27). ForestAction Nepal.

    Poudel, K, P., Subedi, Y. R. and Bhandari, K. 2013. Abandoned Agriculture Land: Question (in Nepali language). Policy brief (26). ForestAction Nepal.

    Workshop Reports/ Proceedings

    Nuberg I, Cedamon E, Lusiana B, Neupane R, Gautam D, Subedi, Y. R., Khasanah N, Mulia R. 2013. Developing functioning models to inform improved interactions between farm and forest systems in Nepal. Proceedings from modelling workshop by ACIAR Project (ACIAR FST/2011/076), 25-29 November 2013, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Southeast Asia Regional Program, Bogor, Indonesia.

    Subedi, Y. R. 2013. Concern of Small-holder Farmer for Food and Agriculture Right. National-level Workshop, 18-19 March, 2013, Kathmandu. ForestAction Nepal.


    Subedi, Y. R. 2012. The Response of Ecosystems to an Increasingly Variable Climate. Master’s Thesis, Linkoping University, Sweden.

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