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  • Tikeshwari Joshi is a M.Sc. graduate at the University of Natural Resources, and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria together with the Czech University of Life sciences in Prague, Czech Republic in between 2005-2008. She has achieved a double Degree programme in Natural Resource Management and Ecological engineering jointly with the above-mentioned Universities in 2008. After having the M.Sc Degree, Ms. Joshi has been working in the area of natural resources-Forestry, climate change, climate risk assessment, REDD+. Due to the combination of working experience with the Federation of Community Forest Users Nepal, ERI, RECOFTC, Ms. Joshi has developed a unique skills and experience of working with wide range of stakeholders ranging from Government, civil society, Federations, private sector, and academic institutions. Her area of interest are research, gender and inclusive economic growth, planning, climate risk assessment. She holds both theoretical and practical knowledge on diverse aspect of forestry and NRM, climate change, gender and livelihoods.


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    M.SC. Thesis. 2008. PAH- adsorption by alluvial soil of the Danube, Elbe and Ebro rivers. Submitted to University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, Vienna, Austria

    Joshi T 2007.Valuation of Medicinal Plants: Options and Opportunities for Rural livelihoods in Nepal,

    Joshi T 2007.Formation of Livelihoods Assets through Community Forestry in Nepal Joshi T 2007.Lime treatment effect on rhizosphere soil –pH

    Joshi T 2007.Solid Waste Management – a case study of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal

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