Completed Projects

Coordination and Communications: Coordinated and connected Actions to Ensure Community Tenure Rights in Nepal, under the Rights and Resources initive ( RRI)
  • Period: 01/01/2012 – 31/10/2012
  • Financial Support: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal
Communication Strategy Project
  • Period: 01/06/2011 – 01/03/2012
  • Financial Support: GFP/IIED

The purpose of this project is to capacitate the policy actors especially those who are in the margins of the policy making do that they can effectively participate and contribute to the forest policy processes.

Enabling forest users to exercies their rights: Rethinking regulatory barriers to communities and smallholders earning their living from timber
  • Period: 01/11/2011 – 01/02/2012
  • Financial Support: RECOFTC

The aim of this project is to respond to the issue, to analyze and address key constrains in exercising rights, which will likely prove vital in facilitating poverty reduction. The program of work proposed uses rights and tenure as the entry point for generating and sharing improved knowledge on the scale of the current impacts, with particular reference to costs of missed opportunities through restricting rights, governance and market access issues


Fostering Informed Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue on Cross-Community-based Forest Management Regimes of Nepal
  • Period: 01/12/2011 – 01/03/2012
  • Financial Support: FAO

The aim of this project is to contribute to the enhancement of community rights in forest resources through catalyzing the multi-stakeholder policy dialogues and informed discussion on cross CBFM models in Nepal.

Conflict and REDD+ study Nepal: Stage II
  • Period: 01/06/2012 – 01/05/2012
  • Financial Support: RECOFTC

The aim of this project is to build a strong understanding of stakeholder and conflict management within REDD+, with particular focus on local communities and its implications for conflict occurrence and management over forests and land in the country in order to improve the design and implications of REDD+

Institutional mapping of organizations involved in enchncing livelihoods and food security from Agroforestry and Community forestry systems in the middle hills of Nepal
  • Period: 12/03/2012 – 15/06/2012
  • Financial Support: World Agroforestry Center
Drivers of Change and Dynamics of Changing Resource Use patterns and Farming Systems in the middle Hills
  • Period: 12/03/2012 – 15/06/2012
  • Financial Support: World Agroforesry Center
World Wide Views on Biodiversity
  • Period: 01/04/2012 – 01/10/2012
  • Financial Support: CBD, Unitated Nationd Environment Program

The project aims to aware people on the issues of biodiversity and gather at least 100 citizens on September 15 to understand their personal views regarding its significance and ways of conserving them. Nepal is one of the 25 countries where this project is being implemented.


Monitoring and Evaluation: Documenting Lessons from RRI Approaches to Support Tenure Reform Process in Nepal, under the Rights and resources Initiatives (RRI)
  • Period: 01/01/2012 – 31/10/2012
  • Financial Support: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal
Promoting and Advancing Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) in Nepal
  • Period: 01/01/2012 – 01/12/2012
  • Financial Support: GEF-SGP/UNDP

The main objectives of this project are 1) Document ICCAS across Nepal and in particular document and synthesize best practices; 2) To strengthen the recently forms ad hoc committee of the ICCA network in Nepal; and 3) To enhance awareness of ICCA and bring it into public conservation policy discussion and debates through evidence based policy advocacy.