Conservation of Plant Diversity with Emphasis on Rare and Threatened Trees in Jalthal Remnant Forest

Jalthal is a 6100 hectare remnant forest in the south eastern lowland of Nepal. The forest covers just 0.1 % of Nepal’s forest but is a home to over a quarter of Nepal’s 600 tree species. Among 150 tree species of Jalthal, one third have regeneration problems in one or other forms. Several species have only a handful of individuals. Several species’ population is dwindling at unprecedented rate.  The forest has witnessed often unnoticeable biological erosion.  Losing a species, even if it local scale, has profound and far reaching consequences to ecosystem process, environmental services and traditional ecological knowledge. Given the threats bearing on the forest, its urgent to take action to avert the irreversible loss.

Here comes a technical note on our biodiversity conservation approach taken by ForestAction Nepal led  project focusing on conservation of rare and threatened tree species in Jalthal remnant forest. Strategies proposed here are results of four yearlong ground work, literature review and consultation workshops with local users of forest. The strategies can be applied to conserve valuable plant resources in other forests as well.