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Journal of Forest and Livelihood (JFL)

  • Initiated in 2001, JFL is a peer reviewed journal that documents and disseminates the insights, lessons and innovations taking place in socio-cultural, political and economic aspects of environmental governance and rural livelihoods in Nepal. From 2014 onwards, JFL extends its scope beyond Nepal to South Asian region. We are open to all academic perspectives from political ecology and cultural politics, as long as they identify a relevant theoretical lens and draw implications for policy and practice.

  • Chief Editor: Naya Sharma Paudel
  • Managing Editor: Rahul Karki and Anukram Adhikary
  • ISBN: 1684-0186

Journal of Forest and Livelihood (JFL) is a peer-reviewed journal, targeted for professionals, policy makers and academicians in the field of forestry and natural resource management. JFL is an open access journal and is published biannually and welcomes articles, but not limited to, in the following themes.

  • Forest policy and governance
  • Forest agriculture interaction and food security
  • Climate change, forestry and livelihoods
  • Biodiversity, conservation and development
  • Ecosystems services and development
  • Social inclusion, gender, equity in forest and natural resource management
  • Community based resource management
  • Markets and community based forestry enterprises
  • Politics of knowledge in forest governance
  • Environmental justice
  • Political ecology



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