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ForestAction is currently working on three thematic areas: Forestry, Agriculture and Climate Change.


Forestry is at the core of our research and development action. ForestAction supports local communities in planning and monitoring of adaptive collaborative management of forests and associated economic and institutional activities. Our approach and strategies focus on generation of institutional and technological innovation in the areas of forest governance, natural resources management and enterprise development. Through critical action research, we monitor development actions and dynamics, document and analyze them and finally synthesize and communicate to the targeted actors. In this system, local communities and stakeholders are consciously involved in experimentation, piloting, documentation, reflections and adapting from past lessons. Furthermore, based on the long involvement in action research and timely policy analysis and review, we engage with a range of citizen networks and stakeholders in facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue that help in deliberative and inclusive policy-making processes. Through these processes, we help transform forest management towards enhancing livelihoods and equity outcomes over time. 

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