Discussion on contemporary issues of food and agriculture with Agriculture journalists

Forest Action Nepal, Secretariat of Alliance of Agriculture for Food (AAF), in conjunction with Association of Nepali Agricultural Journalists (ANAJ), organized a two-day discussion session (May 5–6, 2023) at Edu Farm, Lalitpur, centered on contemporary issues of food and agriculture. The program was attended by total of 30 persons, including a group of journalists reporting and writing feature stories in the realms of agriculture, food, livestock, and forest science, accompanied by the representatives from partner organizations such as Food First Information and Action Network (FIAN) Nepal, National Farmer Group Federation (NFGF), Community Self Reliance Centre(CSRC)/National Land Right Forum (NLRF) and Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED) Nepal. The programs key objectives were to inform better and engage media personnel’s for them to comprehend AAF’s work highlighting the challenges faced by the agriculture sector along with its repercussion as well as the potential responses. Furthermore, the program also sought to create a platform to exchange knowledge and support among the stakeholders.

The following were the major issues briefly discussed during the session:

– Revision of agriculture strategy and formulation of act

– Periodic plan and annual policy, program and budget

– Foreign direct investment

– Pesticide regulation policy, standards, and regulations

– Import of synthetic chemical fertilizers and release of carbon

– Global food crisis and export ban

– Land use, land distribution and barren land