Study tour of EfD Forest Collaborative participants

Wrapped up a four days’ (20-23 November) study tour of EfD Forest Collaborative participants in Nepal. Participants from Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya visited Nepal to explore community forestry practice in Nepal. The study tour involved a mix of discussions with Nepali policymakers, academics, community forestry advocates and members of forest user groups.  The team led by Prof. Randell Bluffstone from Portland State University, visited community forests in Kavre and met with community forest user groups to discuss ways forests are being managed. They mostly observed how community forests in Nepal operate and had meaningful conversations with the people driving this initiative. Likewise, the participants had insightful discussions with members of FECOFUN, forest officials at the Department of Forests and Soil Conservation as well as the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, the Dean of the Institute of Forestry, and researchers.