Women’s Day 2023 “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”

On the occasion of Women’s Day 2023, with a theme of “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, a move towards equality in a digital world, ForestAction Nepal celebrates and honors the strength, resilience, contribution, and achievement of women to society, the economy, and culture. ForestAction recognizes the trailblazing women who fought for equality and equity and paved the way for future generations to create a gender-equal world.

Celebrating this day of power, innovation, and technology, we had very interesting and informative presentations by Mr. Rahul Karki, Executive Coordinator, on the amended GEDSI policy and expressed his gratitude to ForestAction family.

Similarly, Dr. Upama Koju highlights the IWD and its theme for the year 2023 with brief descriptions of Women’s contributions to the digital world throughout history, Challenges women to continue to face in the tech industry today, Digital Technology and Global Women’s Empowerment and Creating a Safer, More Inclusive, and Equitable Digital World.

Ms Aarati Khatri shares her journey of capturing the diversity and authenticity of nature and women and connecting nature and communities through digital photography.

In solidarity with the women’s role in the organization, two female staff from the support service department were felicitated in the program.

Also, the session concluded with strong remarks from Dr. Naya Sharma Paudel who observed positive changes in the organizations. and the research/programs these days and is happy to have become more inclusive and gender friendly. “Diversity is enriched in ForestAction” he shared. Finally, Ms. Kanchan Lama shared how women face countless challenges, yet they continue to inspire us with their courage and determination.