Dil Bahadur Khatri, PhD

Dil Bahadur Khatri, PhD

Research Fellow


Dil Bahadur Khatri holds a PhD in Rural Development from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and MA in Development Studies from International Institute for Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague. His PhD research explored how climate agenda imply to the decentralized resource governance based on an ethnographic research and engagement with national level policy processes.

His broader research interest lies on issues related to environmental governance focusing on participatory forest management, ecosystem services (with specific focus on carbon and water), and climate change adaptation. Geographical focus of his work has been on Nepalese Himalaya. Dil’s analytical focus lies on understanding resource politics focusing knowledge and power on resource governance.

He is currently Executive Director of Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies and has been associated with ForestAction Nepal since 2009 and actively engaged on policy oriented research on forest and climate change related issues. He is editor in chief of the New Angle (Nepal Journal of Social Science and Public Policy) and has also been engaged as editor of Journal of Forest and Livelihoods. He has been contributing peer review of international journals that include Forest Policy and Economics, Climate and Development and Geoforum. Before joining ForestAction in 2009, he had worked as development practitioner on the issues of participatory resource governance and rural livelihoods.


Journal Articles

Paudel, D., Khatri, D.B. and Paudel, G. 2010. Corpo-bureaucratizing Community Forestry: Commercialization, Livelihoods, and the Increased Financial Transaction in Community Forestry User Groups in Nepal. Journal of Forest and Livelihoods, 10(1).

Pokharel, B.K., Paudel, D., Branney, P., Khatri, D.B. and Nurse, M. 2006. Reconstructing the Concept of Forest Based Enterprises in Nepal: Towards a Pro-Poor Approach. Journal of Forest and Livelihood, 5(1): 53-65.

Conference Papers, Discussion Papers and Working Papers

Khatri, D.B., Bhusal, R.P., Sharma, N.P. and Karki, R. 2011. Politics of REDD+ in Media: A Case from Nepal. Working Paper (under construction). ForestAction and CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia.

Sharma, N.P., Khanal, D.R., B.K., D., Khatri, D.B. and Karki, R. 2011. Context of REDD+ in Nepal: Drivers, Agents and Institutions. Working Paper (under construction). ForestAction and CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia.

Dhungana, H. Paudel, N.S. and Khatri, D.B. 2011. Learning Policy Engagement in Nepal: A Reflection on the Methods and Tools. Discussion Paper (under construction).Discussion Paper. ForestAction Nepal and Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies.

Dhungana, H., Khatri, D.B. and Devkota, K 2011. Methods and Tools for Policy Engagement. A Policy Tool Box. ForestAction Nepal and Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies.

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Khatri, D.B. 2011. Payments for Ecosystem services in Kulekhani Watershed of Nepal: An Institutional Analysis of Mechanisms for Sharing Hydroelectricity Revenue. Paper Presented at 13th International Association of Study of Commons Conference at Hyderabad, India,10-14 January, 2011.

Khatri D.B., Karki, R., Bushely, B. 2011. REDD Benefit Sharing in Community Forest, Nepal, A Poster Presented at 13th International Association of Study of Commons Conference at Hyderabad, India, 10-14 January, 2011.

Khatri, D.B. and Bushley, B.B. 2010 REDD+: Reversing, Reinforcing or Reconfiguring Decentralized Forest Governance in Nepal? Conference Paper Presented in 2nd Global Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy. Yale University, 17-19 September, 2010

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Suman, R.K., Banjade, M.R., Paudel, N.S. and Khatri D.B. 2010. Can Bureaucratic Control Improve Community Forestry Governance: An Analysis of Proposed Forest Act Amendment. Discussion Paper 10:1. ForestAction, Nepal.

Nurse, M., Khatri, D.B., Paudel, D. and Pokharel, B.K. 2004. Rural Entrepreneurship Development: A Pro-poor Approach to Enterprise Development through Community Forestry, Proceeding of the Fourth National Workshop on Community Forestry. Community Forestry Division, Department of Forests, HMG/N.

Research Reports/Thesis

Khatri, D.B., Karki, R., Pant, K.P, Joshi, L. and Sharma, N.S. 2011. Payments for Environmental Services in Protected Areas: Scoping Study of Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, Nepal. Research Report. ForestAction Nepal and ICIMOD.

Khatri, D.B., Karki, R. and Bushley, B. 2010. REDD+ Payments and Benefit Sharing Mechanism in Nepal. Research Report. ForestAction Nepal.

Khatri, D.B. 2009. Compromising the Environment in Payments for Environmental Services? An Institutional Analysis of Mechanisms for Sharing Hydroelectricity Revenue in Kulekhani Watershed, Nepal‟. MA Thesis. The Hague: Institute of Social Studies.

Policy Briefs Books/Booklets

Khanal, D.R., Paudel, G., Paudel, D. and Khatri, D.B. 2011. Micro-enterprise Based on Forest Product: Existing Policy, Obstacles and Alternatives (in Nepali). Policy Brief Series 24. ForestAction Nepal.

Sunam, R.K., Banjade, M.R., Sharma, N.S. and Khatri, D.B. 2011. Role of Bureaucracy and Good Governance on Community Forestry. Proposed Forest Act 2049 Amendment Process, Issues and Probable Results (in Nepali). A Booklet. ForestAction Nepal.

Khatri, D.B., Upadhyaya, I.P. and Paudel, D. 2005. Community Forest Management Training Manual. A Facilitators’ Manual. Kathmandu: Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project.

Khatri, D.B., Tembe, H. and Paudel, G. 2004. Pro-poor Enterprise and Bel. Kathmandu: Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project.

Workshop Proceedings and Other Publications

Khatri, D.B., BK. D. and Saarine, H. 2011. Civic Actions around Community Forestry – Lessons from Nepal: An Exposure Visit of Community Activists from Lao PDR. A Synthesis Report. ForestAction Nepal.

Dipak, B.K., Bhusal, R.P. and Khatri, D.B. 2011. Poverty Reduction through Forestry: Exploring Strategies to Realize Economic Benefits of Timber Management in Nepal. A Synthesis Report. ForestAction Nepal.

Khatri D.B., Karki, R. and Sunam, R. 2011. Growing Forest Partnership (GFP) National Workshop on Communication, Monitoring and Evaluation. Workshop Proceedings, 3-4 February, 2011, Katmandu. ForestAction Nepal.

Sunam, R., Karki, R., Devkota, K and Khatri, D.B. 2011. State-Community Contestations in Governing Forests: Reimagining Regulatory Framework. A Roundtable Interaction on Forest Policy Process in Nepal, 4 February, 2011, Kathmandu. ForestAction Nepal.