2-Day National Workshop in Agriculture

2-Day National Workshop in Agriculture

  • February 17, 2016

Day 1  National workshop on Interaction on Ecological farming (Ecological Agriculture)

A national level workshop for the interaction on Ecological farming based agriculture was held at ForestAction Nepal, Bagdole, on 17th March, 2016. The main objective of the program was to discuss about Ecological farming as the major practice of sustainable agriculture. The participants of the program were the farmers from different districts engaged in this type of agriculture, the representatives from National Permaculture Group (NPG) and media personnels. This program was facilitated by Dr. Krishna Poudel and Kamal Bhandari of FA and was attended by 25 participants.

Day 2  National workshop on Interaction on contemporary issues of agriculture

With the major objective of interaction on the contemporary issues of agriculture, another national level workshop was held in Babarmahal, on 18th March, 2016. The major research findings of feminization of agriculture and VDC 15% budget of agriculture were presented by FA agriculture team. Furthermore, video documentary of successful women cases were also presented and, the Book of Review and Analysis of ADS was launched. The facilitation of the program was done by FA Chairperson Khem Raj Dahal. The major national stakeholders of agriculture such as representatives from Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of local development, Farmer representatives, Partner organizations, various NGOs/INGOs, Alliance of Agriculture for Food, Media personnels participated in the program and was attended by 64 participants.