“Another world is possible” – World Social Forum, 2024

“Another world is possible” – World Social Forum, 2024

  • February 19, 2024

This year, Nepal hosted the 16th edition of the World Social Forum in Kathmandu from February 15th to 19th. During the forum, ForestAction Nepal, the secretariat of the Alliance of Agriculture for Food, collaborated with allied organizations to create a significant presence by organizing various events focusing on themes such as food, agroecology, agrobiodiversity, and climate change.

ForestAction Nepal actively participated in the rally held during the opening ceremony on February 15th, showcasing banners and placards that highlighted the importance and challenges related to food, agroecology, biodiversity, agroforestry, and climate change.

In addition, ForestAction Nepal had an exhibition stall throughout the event, showcasing local and indigenous crops, technologies, photographs, and posters illustrating the unique farming systems in the Himalayas, Hills, Chure, and plains. This exhibition also highlighted the crucial contributions of women in agriculture within local communities through the display of photographs. The stall attracted a significant number of visitors who appreciated the displays and information presented.

On February 17th, a regional discussion forum titled “Food Justice” was organized to discuss the global food crisis, emphasize the necessity of food democracy, raise concerns about food security, and establish networks for broader solidarity. On the same day, a drama called “Sattapatta” was showcased to convey a message about the impact of the modern farming system on our indigenous and traditional knowledge, technologies, soil, seed, and including human health.

On February 18th, an excursion tour to Nalinchwok, Bhaktapur, was organized aiming to foster meaningful networks and partnerships for future collaborations on campaigns addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. This excursion was followed by the theatrical performance “Hiuko Prithivi Yatra,” a narrative focusing on environmental destruction, presented at the Shiplee Theatre in Battisputali.