International Biodiversity day: Taking biodiversity to grassroots

International Biodiversity day: Taking biodiversity to grassroots

  • May 22, 2023

International Biodiversity Day 2023 was marked with various activities in the project site of Jalthal, Jhapa. The event brought together  diverse stakeholders; from school students to the Head of local governments in multiple activities.

The event commenced on 22 May, in Jalthal, Jhapa. Head of Haldibari Rural Municipality Inaugurated the program wherein a documentary highlighting floral and faunal diversity, ecosystem, and socio-ecological significance of Jalthal remnant forest was premiered on the day. The primary objective of showcasing the video was to highlight the significance of biodiversity in Jalthal and sensitise stakeholders.   The documentary was based on the comprehensive biodiversity profiling of Jalthal forest by the Darwin Initiative  project. The documentary is available in and

Likewise, sixteen students from eight different High schools were engaged in a poster preparation event.  Students identified ’23 Actions for Biodiversity’ in Jalthal forest. These 23 points are in congruence with 23 Targets of Global Biodiversity Framework. The students were initially oriented about the objective of the program and the content of the poster, following which they were prepared in four days period.  Based on innovative idea and excellence, the students were awarded during the event on the International Biodiversity Day. Two girls and two boys were awarded with educational materials and cash prize.

A Biodiversity Appreciation walk was organized on 21st May which brought students and teachers from five different secondary schools in the forest. During the forest walk, students were informed about the significance and features of Jalthal forest biodiversity. This was an important event to increase awareness about biodiversity.

The Jalthal project, led by ForestAction in collaboration with DARWIN Initiative, has supported in establishing and operating eco clubs in high schools. Educational materials for students (Binoculars, Birds and butterfly guidebooks, Stationaries etc.) were handed over during the ceremony on 22 May.

The project coordinator Dr. Lila Nath Sharma organized a forest transect walk on 20th and 21st May, which was aimed at introducing salient features of the forest biodiversity to nature enthusiasts and youth leaders.

Project supported in organizing Forest walk on 23rd May to celebrate International Biodiversity Day. This was attended by journalists and nature enthusiasts and local leaders including representatives of local government.

The events directly engaged and benefited over 250 people representing over forty various institutions-community forests, local governments, Division Forest Office, schools, civil society organizations, political parties  and media. These events were crucial in raising awareness on the importance of biodiversity and inform people about myriads of threats bearing upon forest biodiversity. The events were reached to thousands of people through social media and local newspapers. These events were covered by over two dozens of news outlets.