2013 – Special Issue on Climate Change Adaptation. Vol. 11(1)

This issue of JFL has a collection of seven papers on climate change adaptation. Five articles focuses on institutional dynamics of climate change adaptation in Nepal.

Paudel, N.S., Khatri, D.B., Ojha, H., Karki, R. and Gurung, N., 2013. Integrating Climate Change Adaptation with Local Development: Exploring Institutional OptionsJournal of Forest and Livelihood, 11(1):1-13

Khatri, D.B., Bista, R. and Gurung, N. 2013. Climate Change Adaptation and Local Institutions: How to Connect Community Groups with Local Government for Adaptation PlanningJournal of Forest and Livelihood,11(1): 14-28

Dhungana, S.P. and Wagle, R. 2013. How Climate Change Discourses are Negotiated at Meso Level: Revisiting Annual Development Planning in NepalJournal of Forest and Livelihood,11(1): 29-42

Regmi, B.R. and Bhandari, D. 2013. Climate Change Adaptation in Nepal: Exploring Ways to Overcome the Barriers. Journal of Forest and Livelihood, 11(1): 43-61

Jha, P.K. and Shrestha, K.K. 2013. Climate Change and Urban Water Supply: Adaptive Capacity of Local Government in Kathmandu City, Nepal. Journal of Forest and Livelihood,11(1): 62-81

Thang,T.N., Dung, N.T. and Hoang, N.V. 2013. Adaptability in Agriculture and Forestry Activities in Huong Son Commune, Vietnam. Journal of Forest and Livelihood, 11(1): 82-93

Miah, M.G., Ahmed, M. and Afroz, T. 2013. Climate Change and Adaptation: Evidence from a Forest-dependent Community in Bangladesh. Journal of Forest and Livelihood,11(1): 94-108