Our dream: localization of food, livelihood and economy

Our dream: localization of food, livelihood and economy

  • June 30, 2023

In a remarkable display of community spirit dedication towards Sustainable agriculture, representatives from alliance of agriculture, civil society and media organizations gathered on June 30, 2023, to celebrate 4th International Localization Day and 20th National Paddy Day at Kavresthali, Kathmandu. This event aimed to promote the age-old practice of rice transplantation, emphasizing its importance in ensuring the food security and financial stability of the agricultural community in Nepal, as well as its overall positive effects on the environment. The collective effort of all the stakeholders made this event a resounding success, creating awareness and inspiring a positive campaign.

Bestowed by the hazy day, the event commenced with an opening ceremony led by the agriculture experts, representatives from different organization and media outlets, along with local farmers, highlighting the importance and necessity to promote sustainable farming practices and provide support to local farmers. The event kicked off with informative session, where famers shared insights and knowledge techniques related to rice transplanting.  The session emphasized the ecological advantage productivity associated with this method. Following the session, participants eagerly ventured into nearby paddy fields to engage in hands-on experience. Guided by experienced farmers and experts, enthusiastic representatives’ donned traditional farming attire, rolled up their sleeves, and joined the local famers in the muddy fields. This active participation fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange among the attendees.

The media played a crucial role in amplifying the events impact with journalists from mainstream media documenting the activities and interviewing participants. Through their coverage, they aimed to raise awareness globally, showcasing the significance of traditional farming methods and the efforts made by different related organization, and local farmers in promoting sustainability. As the day drew to a close, local farmers and affiliated officials expressed their gratitude to all the attendees for their unwavering support in promoting sustainable agriculture in the region.

The National Rice Transplanting Day served as a remarkable example of the positive impact, by paving the way for promotion of strategic intervention and support while simultaneously honoring the rich cultural heritage of traditional rice cultivation.