Policy round table discussion on Agroecology in Nepal

Policy round table discussion on Agroecology in Nepal

  • November 30, 2023

Alliance of Agriculture for Food (AAF)/ForestAction Nepal, in collaboration with ActionAid Nepal, organized a national level policy round table discussion on Agroecology in Nepal, in presence of policy makers and experts, on 30 November 2022 in Kathmandu.

During the event, issues like policy gaps to promote agroecology, food sovereignty and food security, natural resource management, land and land use, environmental degradation and climate change, nutrient, disease and pest management, agro-biodiversity, peasants’ right, agriculture production and trade, and agricultural research, extension, and education were discussed.

Key highlights of discussion are as follow:

– Need for an integrated agriculture policy that can balance current agriculture practices with agroecological principles.

– Farmers are the knowledge hub of agroecology, as they are long-term practitioners of innovative, environment and smallholder farmer’s friendly practices.

– Areas and scope of sustainable agriculture are not explored enough.

– Documentation, exploration, revision, and integration of agroecological knowledge, with aggressive research and application from the research community, academic institutions, and the corporate sector is lacking.

– Collaboration between education, research, and extension is necessary.

– Marketing of agricultural products need to be enhanced.

– The dignity of farmers must be protected. Research needs to be done in response to issues with farmer’s fields.