Community Based Adaptive Learning in Management of Conflicts and Natural Resources in Bangladesh and Nepal (CALCNR)

  • Period: 01/01/2014 – 01/12/2017
  • Financial Support: Middlesex University /NWO

The project will address knowledge gaps between community management of natural resources, local adaptation innovations and national policy debates over climate change and conflict, through four focal areas: 1. Enhancing understanding and generating evidence on community institutions and how they perform over issues of NR conflicts (including identification of factors underlying any switches between co-operation and conflict); 2.Examining the impacts of climate change induced bio-physical changes on human-NR interactions, and how far this exacerbates any natural resource conflicts; 3. Analysing how and to what extent the mainstream and new (climate change responsive) policies favour or disfavour minimising conflicts and facilitate co-operation in NR management; and 4. Developing adaptive learning frameworks for managing climate induced conflicts and enhancing cooperation through testing these among existing CBO networks.