Annual Report 2006

We believe in interactive mode of communication among the various stakeholders. Since its inception, ForestAction has focused on encouraging diverse actors to come together to hold dialogues and interactions for an effective deliberation not only on policies but also in practices of NRM, supporting the learning process of all parties. We are hosting a National Community Forestry Policy Learning Group. As an active member we have put our considerable effort to make this group effective and reliable. This group represents individuals from different institutions including government, bilateral projects, NGOs, civil society organisations, and academic institutions (see more in the project descriptions). The motto of promoting interactive dialogue has been successful in a way as we have been able to promote interaction and dialogue among different actors, bringing different perspectives into the group. We have association with working group for the revision of community forestry guidelines, formed by the Community Forestry Division of the Department of Forest. Likewise, we are jointly working with the Nepal Foresters’ Association in organising different workshops and interaction forums. Beside that, at district and sub-district levels, we are facilitating multi-stakeholder processes for shared learning and collective actions that has given a good symptom for effective deliberation in the field of NRM.

Annual report 2006