Kiran Paudyal, PhD

Kiran Paudyal, PhD

Climate Change and Ecosystem Services Specialist

Trained as a professional forester, Kiran has over 25 years of experience in forest management, community forestry, forestry for poverty reduction and economic development as well as governance of natural resource from Asia and the Pacific region. He also has considerable experience and skills in micro and small business development based on the value chain approach for poverty reduction and local economic development. In recent years, he has been engaging in research that includes assessment of ecosystem services, mapping and payment for ecosystem services in forested and multi-functional rural-urban landscapes, land use change and future scenario modelling for landscape-level planning and decision making.

Kiran is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He completed MSc in Natural Resource Management from Twente University (ITC), the Netherlands in 2000. Earlier of these degrees, Kiran also completed MA Sociology in 1997 and BSc forestry in 1995 from the Tribhuwan University, Nepal.


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