Krishna Prasad Paudel, PhD

Krishna Prasad Paudel, PhD

Agricultural Policy Analyst/Activist

Krishna Prasad Paudel holds a Ph.D degree from Reading University, UK. He has a vast working experience of more than 25 years in community development including community based natural resource management – focused work on field studies, assessment of policy research and development projects. Currently, he is engaged in sustainable agriculture and food security, studying local food system, livelihoods and its political economy/ecology, networking with practitioners, organic intellectuals and policy makers in promoting sustainable agriculture in Nepal.

Mr. Paudel also has a strong background in the study design, analysis, presentation and advocacy of the policy research in natural resources specifically on community forestry, sustainable agriculture and food security and has gained extensive experiences in the participatory learning and action approach to development. He has authored/co-authored a number of research papers, study reports. Moreover, he is engaged with ACIAR funded project called ‘Enhancing Food Security and Livelihood from Agro-forestry and Community Forestry’ EnLiFT (FST-2011-076) in a capacity of Action research coordinator.


Books and Book Chapters

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Journal Articles/Thesis

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Conference /Discussion Papers

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Study/Research reports

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