Two-days Participatory Workshop on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

Two-days Participatory Workshop on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

  • June 13, 2023

Forest Action Nepal, secretariat of Alliance of Agriculture for Food (AAF) along with Free student Union (FSU) Lamjung campus, hosted a two-day participatory workshop focused on Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture. The event, held on June 13 and 14 of 2023 aimed to promote sustainable agriculture and disseminate innovative and proportionate solutions for agriculture challenges in the region.

The workshop brought together researchers, experts, and students in the field of Agriculture. Participants engaged in lively discussions, sharing their knowledge and experiences related to agroecology and sustainable farming methods. The event was structured to foster collaboration and encourage the exchange of ideas among the attendees.

Keynote speakers at the workshop highlighted the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate the negative impacts of conventional farming on the environment. They emphasized the need for promoting biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and reducing chemical inputs to ensure long term agriculture sustainability.

Throughout the two days, various topics were covered, including organic farming, permaculture, crop rotation, integrated pest management, and soil conservation strategies. Attendees actively participated in hands-on demonstrations, practical sessions, and interactive group activities to enhance their understanding of these concepts.

Additionally, the workshop featured presentations on successful case studies of agroecology implementation from different parts of the world. These success stories provided inspiration and practical insights for participants, demonstrating the positive outcomes of the sustainable agriculture practices.

The two-days participatory workshop on Agroecology and sustainable agriculture at Lamjung Campus proved to be valuable platform to exchange knowledge, networking and collaborative efforts. The event undoubtedly succeeded in sowing the seed of sustainability in compliance with the aim of the workshop.