World Wide Views (WWViews) on Biodiversity

World Wide Views (WWViews) on Biodiversity

  • March 28, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark (March 28-30, 2012)

WWViews on biodiversity is a global citizen participation project designed to provide policymakers with information about citizens’ views on biodiversity issues. It is a project towards the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) initiated by the Danish Ministry of the Environment to be co-implemented by countries (National partners) worldwide with coordination support from the Danish Board of Technology (DBT) and oversight from the Secretariat of the CBD. In this line, three days training workshop was organized by the DBT to participants from more than 25 countries at Copenhagen, Denmark from March 28-30, 2012.

The training Program at Copenhagen:

Participants (two each from participating country) from around 25 nations convened at Copenhagen to attend the training seminar on WWViews on Biodiversity. Two researchers from ForestAction Nepal participated during the 3 days training workshop. The training started at 1 pm of 28 March and lasted till 2 pm of 30 March 2012. Representatives and volunteers from DBT facilitated the training throughout. Some of the participants had already participated in the WWViews on Climate Change that took place in 2007, whereas others were totally new to this idea.

Most part of the training focused on how to recruit citizens in each country and different strategies to be used for that. Besides, individual participants were divided into groups where everybody had a chance to discuss on the issues and challenges associated with biodiversity conservation in their country. Also, appropriate country specific strategies to organize WWViews were also a part of the discussion. The participants also got opportunities to raise questions about the program and way ahead for the program.

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