Second Module of Immersion Course on Madesh for Social Transformation

ForestAction Nepal/ AAF in collaboration with Centre for Educational Policies and Practices (CEPP) and Nepal Madesh Foundation (NEMAF) jointly organized and facilitated the second series of “Immersion Course on Madesh for Social Transformation ”. Five -day long training session was successfully completed in Lalghad leprosy hospital, Dhanusha from 1318 March 2024 with a total number of 17 participants. The training approach incorporated a mix of different learning techniques, such as PowerPoint slides, engaging discussions, collaborative group activities, and informational videos.

Throughout this series, the central focus was on environmental issues, with participants delving into the complexities of our current environmental challenges. Participants explored critical questions concerning the world’s ecosystems, the delicate balance of the atmosphere and carbon cycle, fluctuations in the water table, and their interrelation with climate patterns. Various individuals from different fields, including environmental activists, teachers, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), government officials and Members of Parliament shared their personal experiences and stories of overcoming challenges to achieve success. During the session, participants were also provided with essential life skills, including first aid education and techniques. There were extensive discussions on reproductive health knowledge, covering a wide range of topics. Basic methods for data analyzing and conducting Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) were discussed during the session, how locally available resources can be used as tools to analyze data.

In conclusion, participants departed from the training equipped with a deeper understanding of the problems and challenges surrounding environmental issues.